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Get your glow on...

Something I am always talking about and aiming for in treatments is a dewy, glowy freshness to the skin. I cherry pick organic facial products for best effect to use in my facials. So I thought I’d share my two ‘hero’ products for helping to achieve this ‘glow’ at home...

Blue Labelle ‘glow’ powder cleanser

I had been looking for an exfoliater like this for years (and I mean years!)

One that contained fruit enzymes, didn’t leave the skin dry and irritated. Also a must for me that it was natural and as organic as possible and actually worked!

This one ticks all the boxes and I am so happy! I was an the cusp of trying to create one myself! But no need as I think this one is fab! ... I love a fruit enzyme as it gives a really thorough exfoliation, ‘melting’ away the dead skin cells but without any harsh abrasive granules, this one uses pineapple enzyme.

It also contains coconut milk which I find really helps to keep the skin nourished (defo a scent to remind you of chilling out in the sun on your Mallorcan escape 😉!)

It also contains Moroccan lava clay which is sooo good to help boost your circulation, which in my books is the no 1 thing that gives you that ‘glow’!

How to use; For a great boost to your skin use it once a week as an exfoliating mas, cleanse the skin first and then create a creamy paste by mixing the power with a little water, massage it all over your face, neck and décolletage (upper chest).

Then leave it for 5 mins before rinsing.

Botanicals Pro-Balance Radiance serum Once you’ve exfoliated, you have a fresh canvas of skin ready to absorb the best it can.

This is like watering a plant at the best time of the day when it needs it the most! Get an active serum on the skin and it will work it’s magic for you!

This serum is just perfect for this, it’s a light oily serum so gives you the chance to self massage, which again will help with your fresh skin finish. Also 99% organic so the botanical oils are pure and skin feeding.

I love the fact it has green tea which helps ‘wake up’ and revitalize the skin and is also a super antioxidant, it also has avocado oil with its amazing hydrating properties which ‘plump’ the skin and gives that dewy, radiance finish.

How to use; Use a few drops and massage all over the skin and if you’ve got time try for at least 5 mins self massage. (A little tip is to use organic rose water as your toner and apply the serum while the skin is still damp to encapsulate extra hydration for the ‘dew’).

If you have one now is also the perfect time to use your ‘Gua sha tool’ (if you know, you know!) Enjoy your Glow!

I am writing this during the lockdown period so these are perfect ways to treat your skin when a facial is just not possible. Look forward to treating you all again soon! ...

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