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Sarah Santa Cruz Mallorca







Personalised Holistic and Beauty treatments to the comfort of your home, hotel or retreat in Mallorca

Treatments are with select organic and botanical products sourced for best effect, in house Aromatherapy blends are used to help treat the body from within.

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Cosmetic Acupunture in Mallorca by Sarah Santa Cruz


Signature Facial

         55 min  ⎪  70 €

  1 hr 25 min  ⎪  90 €

A bespoke facial tailored to your skins own needs. Your skin will be deep cleansed with facial cupping (extractions performed if necessary) and treated with natural and powerful skin feeding botanical products with a combination of lymphatic drainage and face massage, oriental skin tools will be used for best effect.  


Lift and Sculpt

60 min  ⎪  80 €

 90 min  ⎪  100 € 

Using the most advanced facial elevation and lifting tool, the ´Pure lift pro`. Which uses triple wave  electro muscle stimulation (EMS) technology, the skin is treated on all three layers; the epidermis, dermis and muscles. This leaves it smoother by deep cleansing pores, more plump with collagen stimulated and facial features are lifted and toned, it truly is the ultimate in non invasive face lifting! The facial includes a ´hands on` face lift massage and toning ´Gua Sha` a TCM lifting technique. (90 min facial includes a skin plumping face mask reflexology and Buccal massage if required)

Cosmetic Acupuncture

55 min  ⎪  80 €

A holistic approach to skin rejuvenation, cosmetic acupuncture known as the natural alternative to botox, is both preventative and corrective. the combination of acupuncture and antioxidant rich organic products leave the skin looking lifted and radiant, with signs of ageing reduced and appearance of wrinkles softened.

Ultimate Holistic

1 hr 25 mins  ⎪  100 €

A complete holistic treat for radiance boosting and anti-aging... The skin will be treated to a natural fruit enzyme peel and fed with a cocktail of botanical products alongside drainage and facelift massage. Your treatment will include cosmetic acupuncture to help rebalance skin, relax facial features and stimulate circulation and collagen. Includes prescriptive reflexology to work in synergy to rebalance the body.

Ear Candling
Chinesse Cupping

Advanced Signature

1hr 55 min  ⎪  130 €

A powerful anti-aging facial fusing modern day technology with ancient oriental and holistic techniques. Your skin will be treated to an enzyme exfoliation, stimulated, lifted and toned with triple wave EMS (electrical muscle stimulation)  Pure-lift Pro, then experience a deep facial massage incorporating gua sha lift massage and Buccal massage, skin plumping face mask, facial Acupuncture is the last step in ensuring skin is lifted, bright and glowing. Craniosacral techniques and reflexology are performed during the treatment to help re-balance, heal and relax, treating the body from the inside out. 

Pre Mama

55 min  ⎪  70 €

A relaxing and soothing facial helping to nourish and balance the skin during pregnancy, using natural products that are safe for use during this special time.

Facial add-ons / express options...

Buccal and/or Face Lift Massage

25 min  ⎪  40 €

Buccal or intra-oral massage works from inside the mouth to allow access to muscles and ligaments needed to ease jaw tension and to lift and sculpt the areas around the mouth/ marionette lines/ nasal labial fold. Face lift massage helps to relax ´stressed` features, lifting and plumping sagging areas, promoting fresh blood flow and detoxification of the tissues, leaving the complexion more toned and brighter.

Pure Lift Pro

25 min  ⎪  40 €      

Using the most advanced facial elevation and lifting too, using triple wave microcurrent technology. Facial features are visibly lifted, toned and the skin smoother and brighter in one session. 

Self Tan
Sarah Santa Cruz | Pilates Clases in Mallorca

Body & Holistic

Signature Body

1 hr 25 min  ⎪  100 €

         1 hr 55 min  ⎪  135 €       


A totally personalised Holistic experience your treatment will be completely tailored to you incorporating Massage, Reflexology, Cupping, Reiki, Buccal and Craniosacral therapy techniques and energy balancing tuning forks.



 25 min  ⎪  40 €

  55 min ⎪  70 €

Reflexology treats the body and all of its systems by working on specific pressure points of the feet, linked to the nervous system. The results are surprisingly effective, not only an extremely relaxing treatment to have, it also helps to re-balance the entire body and mind.

Signature Facial

Body Massage

        25 min⎪  40 €

        55 min⎪  70 

1 hr 25 min ⎪  90 €

Body Massage tailored to your own needs incorporating Swedish, pressure point, aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage and craniosacral therapy techniques.

Pre- Mama Massage

55 min⎪  70 €

Body Massage designed to ease and soothe muscular discomfort experienced during pregnancy, so mummy and baby can be nourished and relaxed. Using safe techniques and comfortable positions that make it possible to have massage right until full term.

Anti-Aging Facial

TCM Cupping Therapy

55 min  ⎪  70 €

A Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) technique. Cupping therapy uses gentle suction to help treat muscle soreness, tightness and knots. It aids to stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Cups will also be placed on specific meridian points to help encourage smooth flowing CHI (energy) through all tissues and organs of the body.

Ear Candling

55 min  ⎪  70 €

Using highly effective Canadian inspired candles, an ear candling treatment is not only very relaxing, it also helps relieve congested ears, sinus problems, migraines, headaches, pressure problems, clears excess wax and can help ease tinnitus. leaving you feeling light, relaxed and clear headed. the treatment includes soothing neck, face and neck massage.

Glow Body Scrub

55 min  ⎪  70 €

Your body will be exfoliated with a toning and detoxifying raw sugar cane, lemongrass and ginger scrub, then nourished with a rich and hydrating citrus body oil the perfect way to have glowing, soft skin.

Cellulite Treatment

55 min  ⎪  70 

Focusing on your area of concern, incorporating body brushing, a natural detox scrub and detox massage with cupping therapy to help break down stubborn fat cells. This treatment will leave the skin smoother, fresher and brighter.




55 min  ⎪  45 €

Your nails will be trimmed, cuticles tidied, hands massaged and nails painted or buffed



55 min  ⎪  50 €

Your feet will be buffed and scrubed removing dry skin, nails trimmed, cuticles tidied, feet massaged and nails painted or buffed

Mini Manicure & Mini Pedicure

25 min  ⎪  30 €
(per treatment)

Nail tidy and polish application or buffed

Gel Removal

25 min  ⎪  30 €

Gel polish will be removed and nails will be tidied buffed and treated with natural oils to replenish

(No additional fee is incurred for removal if you book a full manicure or pedicure)

1/2 Leg
25 min  ⎪  35 €

3/4 Leg
35 min  ⎪  40 €

Full Leg
45 min  ⎪  50 €

From 25 min  ⎪  From 35 €

15 min  ⎪  20 €

15 min  ⎪  15 €

Eye Treatments
Eyebrow Tint
15 min  ⎪  20 €

Eyebrow Shape
25 min  ⎪  25 €

Eylash Tint
25 min  ⎪  30 €

Lash and Brow Tint & Eyebrow Shape
55 min  ⎪  50 €

CANCELATIONS: If you need to cancel your booking within 24 hours of your appointment I will endeavour to fill your slot with a new client, however if this is not posible  I reserve the right to charge 50% of the treatment

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