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  • Sarah Santa Cruz

Love this article by Harpers Bazaar…

Updated: Mar 15

I was delighted to read this article from Harpers Bazaar about 'hands' being the best tool in a facial.

It is exactly what I champion for and am super happy to see the art of facial massage and the 'hands on' element of the treatment being reconised.

In a world full of high technology and gadgets, there is nothing that can compare to the healing power of touch and also the personalised effect of really getting to 'feel' someone's skin, to feel what it needs, to sculp and 'hook' in under contours, to feel the temperature increase as the blood flow is increased.

Obviously products you believe in help the effectiveness of a treatment but for me it's important to not let the facial become overloaded with the application of products and respect the amount of time the 'hands' get to go work!

Read the full article from Harpers Bazaar here...

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