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Oil Lifts Oil ...

My favourite product of the moment is the Botanicals 'Nourish Cleanse Melt'...

It is such a divine product to treat your skin to, it starts off as a balm and becomes an oil once you apply it to the skin. Not only do I love it as it encourages you to massage your skin, in turn benefitting from all the great stimulating effects of a massage, it also cleans the skin in a very nourishing, soothing and non- stripping way!...

Some of the key ingredients include virgin coconut oil, sesame seed oil, rose geranium and lavender oil, yes all oils!.. And one if the reasons I find them so good for cleaning the skin is 'oil removes oil', so excess oil, sun creams, make up and impurities/grime from the day can be removed super effectively with this method of cleansing.

Many facial cleansers can contain products which act to strip the natural oil in the skin, which often then forces the skin to overproduce more oil, which can make it even more imbalanced. I really do find by using it as my first step in facials clients skins look soothed and more hydrated just from one application, imagine when used everyday!

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