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Have you ever tried Ear Candling?

Normally when clients read Ear Candling as a treatment option they can feel slightly apprehensive that a candle is being placed in the ear, but once a treatment is received everyone realises it is such a relaxing and soothing treatment to have.

The process uses an ear candle which is organic cotton that has been dipped in beeswax and is hollow on the inside and tapered at one end to fit snugly and comfortably in the outer ear.

By treating one ear at a time you are laying on one side and as the ear candle burns down it creates a vacuum drawing the smoke into the ear which gently massages the inner ear, melts any excess wax and then through the vacuum created this is drawn into the candle. Whilst the candle burns I perform a massage to the face and neck, including sinus area to help create a release in congestion.

The treatment has been used for many, many years around the world, such as in China, Egypt, Tibet and Native Americans. An amazing story I always remember is that war veterans would blow cigarette smoke into each others ears as the smoke calmed the 'organs of corti' the area affected by loud blasts often causing tinnitus, the smoke having a 'massaging' effect.

I also find the treatment particularly effective for frequent flyers, at the end of a cold/flu, those suffering from sinus congestion, headaches and also those who suffer with excess ear wax or have had many ear infections in the past. Also it's actually just a great treatment to help you to relax even if you have no sinus or ear concerns, it's actually my favourite one to receive!

To find out more and book an Ear Candling treatment at your residence click here.


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