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Facial GUA SHA, whats it all about?!...

For quite a few years now the facial ́Gua Sha ́ has been one of my favourite tools to use in my facials and clients are often very interested and intrigued by this little gem...

While I was learning oriental facial therapy, which takes its roots from oriental traditional medicine, I was taught that Gua Sha literally translates into scratch or scrape therapy. I promise you it's much more pleasant than it sounds!... By 'scratching' or ' scraping' the skin stagnation, muscle tension and tightness is released.

The congestion, stagnation and toxins are brought to the surface of the skin using this technique in order for them to be eliminated.

One major benefit and what I so enjoy with the Gua Sha is also the contouring effect it has, using the gentle upwards motion it really does help to firm sagging facial muscles, lift and tone, I find it particularly effective on lifting the jowl and cheekbone areas and smoothing forehead wrinkles! Results are a more lifted, brighter and de-puffed complexion, I often store my jade Gua Sha in ice too, for that added toning and anti- inflammatory effect.

It really is a relaxing and pleasant sensation to receive the treatment too, bonus all around!

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