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Why Face Massage will always be my ultimate favourite… I am doing Facials, once I come to the Face Massage part, I literally feel like I am 'diving in',

The skin has been prepped for this, cleansed, exfoliated, cupped to warm the tissues (extractions and/ or EMS electrical muscle stimulation if necessary) ... and now here's the moment to get truly 'stuck in', everyone's favourite part, especially mine!

If I cast my mind back to the year 2000 (eeek)! A stand out moment for me is sitting outside the exam room waiting to take my facial exams. I can so easily picture me sitting there revising over my hand writting bullet points of 'what are the benefit of face massage', I was already blown away by what it claimed it could do! ...

  • Stimulates the circulation thus re-oxygenating more efficiently the cells

  • Stimulates the lymphatic system thus ridding toxins, encouraging a glow and removing puffiness

  • Releases stress and tension in the hardworking face muscles

  • Stimulates collagen production

  • Eases sinus congestion and reduces headaches

  • Eases jaw tension

  • Lifts and plumps sagging contours and fine lines

  • This extra stimulation helps boost the absorption of the products being applied to the skin

  • Can help heal and reduce inflammation

And I can happily say I have seen the results that all of this is possible.

What I thought all those years ago sounded like a list of little miracles really do work,

and I always look forward to that moment to roll up my sleeves and get 'stuck in' and let the magic happen!

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