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Buccal (or intra-oral) massage is a nifty technique to allow me access muscles, ligaments, lymph and circulation from inside of the mouth...

I see a lot of jaw tension daily and view it as the ´keystone´ to a lot of our neck and shoulder tension

(also headaches), if we can ease jaw tension , then other areas tend to unwind´ and let go of stress and tension better.

The most common skincare concern I hear is the loss of tone around the jaw, marionette lines and lines around the mouth. Buccal massage offers a sculpted, lifted and more contoured result to these areas, I love how I can really ´get into´ the area and lift and smooth the key concern areas,

The buccal massage can be added to any of your facial or body treatments with me, so if your looking to release jaw tension and lift and sculpt the face Buccal could be just the perfect addition to your treatment!

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