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Why I love the Pilates ´Buzz´!...

I'm sure most of you know by now that I love Pilates 😉 but one of the reasons I love it so much is because of the 'buzz' you get from doing it, that can last the whole day!...

Whilst doing the exercises that are helping us to release tensions, moving tight spines etc, we release endorphins, it feels great to get into all those hard to reach areas of tension. It is said that endorphins create the same perception of pain reduction in the brain as drugs such as morphine or codeine! So what better way to reduce back and body pain, drug free 👍!

After a class of Pilates you will literally walk away feeling a few inches taller, this instantly gives you a spring in your step, it's amazing what it can do for your confidence too, just by holding your head higher.

As we focus on full lateral breathing, deep into the back and sides of our ribs the diaphragm and lungs open up fully which instantly re-oxygenates the entire body system, meaning everywhere gets a boost of nourishment, our breathing feels better and we feel more alert and brighter, a feeling that remains after class.

Also concentrating on your own breathing creates mindfulness throughout the hour, you must focus on your own body and what's happening throughout, easing worry and stress.

Lastly the sense of achievement from class is what really tops if for me, you have invested your own time and energy into good movement and by moving your spine and joints in all the directions they are meant to be moved in, you have a happy sense of release. Time for you to enjoy the 'buzz' !

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