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Jade rollers in stock!

Due to public demand 😉 I now have Jade rollers available for you to purchase!... The rollers are perfect to use in the morning as a ‘pick me up’ for your skin, or in the evening over your nighttime oils to help them to absorb and provide a self massage effect.

Jade is the most treasured gemstone in China and has a healing and purifying effect on your energy field. For beauty benefits the Jade roller can help to stimulate the circulation and lymphatic system, providing a healthier more glowing complexion.

The precious stone helps to reduce inflammation which is particularly helpful in sensitive or irritated skins. As well as reducing puffiness (very good after a late night!) .

The roller can also used for anti-aging benefits helping to tone the skin and ‘sculpt’ and lift the jaw/ cheekbone area, softening fine lines on the forehead. It feels so nice too, a little 5 mins a day of self care!

Top tip...Keep it in the fridge in the summer (or bathe the roller in ice cubes for a few moments before if you're feeling really brave!) For an even more powerful toning and anti-inflammatory effect 👍.

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