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Why I love fruit enzyme peels...

Over the years I have worked with a variety of exfoliators from microdermabrasion to gylcolic acids. I have found my favorite way of exfoliating the skin is with fruit enzymes. One the reasons is for the effectiveness of getting to every bit of skin you wish to!.. when you place the fruit enzyme peels which are usually a cream or liquid consistency, all over the face and neck, they will get to work on dissolving any dead skin cells they come into contact with. (compared to facial scrubs with particles in, you can intend to do this, but it is tricky to really be sure that you have!). Also I find that fruit enzymes are gentle but effective if that makes sense, there is limited irritation and it makes it perfect for sensitive skins. I’m also not such a big fan of super strength exfoliating, as then I find it leaves the skin very fragile and then in the risk of environmental damage/pigmentation. Another bonus is that they are as natural/ organic as possible and derived from the fruit itself. The peel I use in treatments uses papaya and pineapple which contain the enzymes bromelain and papain which help to break down and dissolve the dead skin cells. You are left with smoother, softer more glowing skin, with the prefect prep for a plant based facial oil, which will absorb more easily. I use an amazing enzyme peel which is also infused with micronized tourmaline gemstones in my ‘Ultimate holistic facial’ and ‘crystal facial’ .

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