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‘In Hotel’ Pilates!...

Being such a Pilates buff and doing it regularly, it is always a challenge to keep up with when I'm traveling. We were with very limited luggage (try lugging a suitcase on an Indian train, Backpacks all the way!) which meant no Pilates mat, also many hotel rooms don't always gave the luxury of much floor space, so what's a girl to do?

Improvise was the key! My advice to fellow travelers would be a pashmina/ cotton scarf is your essential item, think of all the stand up exercises you can do with a stretch band, giving you that extra bit of resistance and helpful with alignment too.

In my 15 mins post long journey practice, it was all about standing exercises I found arm circles and spine rotations with the band particularly helpful, add a few side reaches, squats, roll downs and arm press backs.

You'll be feeling looser and leaner in moments!

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