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Digital Detoxing! ...

It's becoming a hot topic among many of my clients and something which I tried out during my travels in January, digital detoxing really is a 'thing' nowadays.

It literally means taking some time off, of using electronic devices, especially social media. With the benefits of digital detoxing including lowered anxiety and a more mindful way of seeing the world, like taking in and appreciating your environment.

Amazingly enough a study in Mind magazine found that 95% of people they interviewed claimed that by putting their phones down and spending time outside improved their moods, changing feelings of stress to calm and relaxed. Amazing really when you think how much time we all spend on them!

I would totally recommend trying it out next time you take a holiday, I was able to truly 'switch off' and read lots of great books, taking in every moment.

Another way of implementing the digital detox is to unplug yourself for a whole day once a week, go on give it a go! There are even apps that are meant to help you digital detox, but I can't quite get my head around that one 🤔 ...

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