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Linking hormones in milk produce to skin imbalances...

I think that recently we have all become more aware of how the food we eat is being produced...

One of the things I have personally noticed myself is the effect hormones in milk produce can have on our skin.

Cattle are often given hormones to increase their rate of growth, promote rapid weight gain and increase the yield of milk.

Among other side effects this has been proven to create hormonal imbalances if consumed regularly.

Acne, eczema and skin changes/ reactions can be strongly influenced by hormonal changes, interestingly the body uses the chin and jaw area to remove excess hormones from the body.

Having had personal experience with regular breakouts to this area, I have switched to organic milk produce in the last year and noticed a total improvement, so I am a firm believer in this! Also noticed a definite improvement in my clients with skin issues too, 'food for thought' ....

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