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Beauty industry news, 'face shaving' ...

There has been a new trend of 'derma-planning' hitting the beauty salons of Europe. This is a treatment that has been used by woman in Japan for Many years and is basically 'face shaving' using a small single blade.

The treatment has a double purpose to rid the face of fine hair 'peach fuzz' and to provide deep exfoliation... It's no lie that men traditionally age better than woman and the process of regular shaving provides regular exfoliation and stimulation for cellular turnover. As the treatment provides a deep exfoliation it has been likened to the effect of microdermabrasion, softening and brightening.

Apparently that old saying of your hair will grow back twice as thick does not happen as one might expect, as superficial fine hair is 'peach fluff' and "will grow back as the same texture as before."

The specialist will use a sharp razor blade, not your typical Gillette and use on dry skin. Hmmm it's not a treatment I plan on offering anytime soon, but the science behind the treatment totally makes sense, would you dare to go under the blade ?! ...

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