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Good old lavender ... my must have oil

I don't leave home without essential oil of lavender, it is such a useful thing to carry around with you. I think out of all

If the essential oils available it really is the best all rounder.

One of the most amazing stories I ever heard about lavender was during my aromatherapy studies, the story of the French chemist René-Maurice.

In 1910 he was working in a cosmetic laboratory and got badly burnt during an experiment. As an automatic response he plunged his hand into the closest vat of liquid, which Just happened to be a vat of lavender essential oil - Renè's burns healed super quickly with minimal scaring!

From then on the healing and regenerating properties were proven. I think it is a great story and I for one always reach for my bottle of lavender for burns or scars- it is also one of the only oils that can be used directly on the skin, without mixing it with a carrier oil.

Great to take it with you on your holidays too as not only can it be used for burns, bites and sunburn, it can also be used to help you sleep off your jet lag by popping a few drops on your pillow.

Make sure you choose a good quality organic essential oil of lavender as the benefits and effects are the best they can be.  

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