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The Serra de Tramuntana mountains of Deià and Valldemossa and their very special energy ...

Some come to the mountains in Mallorca and feel straight away like they have 'come home', not just a breathtaking sight, but also a feeling of drawing you in. 

There is a huge sense of calm, warmth and protection, like they have wrapped you in a big warm hug!

Science shows us that everything on earth emits a vibration, the vibration in rocks and crystals can be especially powerful and resonate with you. For myself and so many others the energy or vibration of the mountains here in Mallorca is a very healing one. People spend their precious holidays surrounded by them and time after time I hear stories of those drawn to the mountains after a difficult or traumatic time and they leave feeling restored and refreshed. 

Many different religious beliefs say that mountains are especially sacred as they are closer to heaven, the moon and the sun. It is believed that the energy is channelled to the very tip of the mountain meaning a more concentrated vibration will be felt at this point- examples of humans reproducing this 'tip' can be found in the Pyramids and church steeples. 

So you see there's more to these mountains than just a pretty face! Isn't nature just amazing, explains why we all get drawn to these very special villages in the Mallorca mountains 💚.

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