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Mobile Holistic Beauty Treatments and Body Control ® Pilates Classes in Mallorca. Spain

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If you fancy treating yourself to a summertime pedicure with a holistic twist, I am delighted to be using Botanicals Himalayan salt foot soak in my pedicures...

The foot soak naturally helps to boost your circulation- very helpful for most especially after flying, lots of hours on your feet, or if the warm weather is making them a little puffy. Minerals from the salts (over 84) are absorbed into the body through the feet and toxins can also be eliminated, by osmosis, creating a mini detox for the whole body!

The salts can also have an effect on releasing negative energies, providing a more balanced mind, body and spirit. You'll be feeling great, with the added benefit of beautiful looking toes!   


Choose from a buff, normal nail polish or gel polish to complete your look. 

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