• Sarah Santa Cruz

Things I am loving this month!...TOOTH OIL

Have you ever heard about oil pulling for the teeth?...

An ancient Ayurvedic tradition in India is the practice of oil pulling. Traditionally it would use coconut or sesame oil that you would swirl around in your mouth for up to 20 minutes and this helps to remove harmful bacteria that can lead to plaque and tooth decay.

RINGANA have created their own ´modern day´ version, which I am a little bit obsessed with, the product goes one step further than just oil pulling, it also replaces toothpaste (plus its much quicker to do too which is always a bonus when your on a tight schedule in the morning!)

The key ingredients are mint oil, star anise and eucalyptus oil. To use you just swirl the oil around in your mouth for couple of minutes and then clean your teeth with your moistened toothbrush.

I am an advocate of natural toothpastes as many of the standard pastes contain SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), which I have found can often act as in irritant and cause redness around the mouth and nose area, something I often notice in facials.

For more information on the tooth oil or if you fancy giving it a try, just get in touch and I can create an account for you.

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