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New Skincare & Wellness News! …

Over the last few months I have been sampling new products (lucky me!)

In my quest to keep offering my clients the very best in organic skincare, with great results and of course following my holistic passion for all things plant based and nurturing.

I am delighted to have found RINGANA! … the products are so active and Fresh

that the stock is always delivered to you, directly from the lab -

something I have really struggled with in the past with natural skincare, as

without preservatives the anti-oxidant properties can be lost quickly if left sitting

on shop shelves for weeks.

I have worked with many international skincare brands throughout my 20 years

(eeek!) in the industry, and this is truly the first one I noticed such a difference in

my skin from the initial day product testing.

That really sold it on me that I could find a products to fit my criteria for plant

based, organic skincare with a results driven effect!

I will be adding my favourite products to my bespoke beauty treatments

alongside my other lovely Botanicals range, and also sharing my top tips and

´hero´ wellbeing products with you.

If you would like any more information or skincare advice just let me know!

For purchasing products just get in touch and I can create your own Personalised login. https://www.ringana.com/face/?lang=en

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