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Product Layering For Healthy Skin!...

In the past few years the awareness of flawless, fresh, dewy skin without the need for make up has grown.

My top tip to help keep your skin looking naturally glowy is the art of layering!..

Skincare can be a bit confusing so here’s what to layer and why each layer works;

No 1 -Serum- We use serum first as it has the molecular structure to penetrate deepest into the skin. The idea of using a serum is to give a concentrated 'boost' of active ingredients into the skin. You could also think of it as the starter to your three course meal, you use a small amount and it preps the skin for what's to come.

No 2- Oil- I always tell clients not to be scared of oils as in the last many have been nervous of breakouts, but natural good quality plant based oils should penetrate deeper into the skin rather than sitting on the surface, blocking pores. As your second product to apply the oil will add nourishment and moisture, use a small amount and press a couple of drops all over the face, this will plump out fine lines/ dehydration areas, adding your 'glow' and work to regenerate at the same time.

You could think of this layer as your skin food, your 'second course' of your meal.

No 3- Moisturiser- you can think of this as your dessert, rich and creamy and the last part of your three course meal, like the icing on the cake! The moisturiser's job is to 'seal' in the other two products, nourish the surface layers and provide protection to external aggressions in the environment around us.

To help you get your glow' on, from the Botanicals Organic range I can recommend the following;

  • Radiance Serum -

  • Gentle face oil -

  • Nourish moisturiser -

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