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Turmeric Latte...

Also known as 'golden milk', turmeric latte is both yummy and good for your health and as someone said to me the other day, it smells like 'India in a cup' that I mean all the good smells in India 😂 i.e. coconut!

Turmeric lattes contain lots of coconut, turmeric and and sprinkling of black pepper, to enhance the absorption of the turmeric in the body (by up to a massive 2000%).

Some of the wellness benefits include;

-Less redness in the skin due to anti- inflammatory benefits, so really good for eczema , psoriasis and acne. -Good brain food, turmeric has been proven to increase memory function. -Help joints and muscles, again due to its anti inflammatory properties. -Reduces cholesterol, turmeric had been found to reduce 'bad' cholesterol in the body increasing levels of 'good' cholesterol.

You will find my favourite organic Turmeric latte served at 'Cafe Social' ....

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