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The (Pilates) Bible

After a busy summer season with lots of lovely Pilates clients, I have noticed that one if the main questions I get asked is 'how can I maintain my practice at home’.... It’s great to have such enthusiastic clients and I am delighted that they also wish practice at home too.

For me it is ideal to move the spine in all planes of movement daily, but also understanding we all have busy schedules at least three times a week is a great help too. Amazing how preventative this can be for sore backs, but also how great it makes you feel too.

So my ultimate recommendation is to purchase the ‘Pilates Bible’, which has been co-written by the founder of Body Control Pilates, Lynne Robinson.

This covers all the exercises that I teach in class, with easy to follow instructions on the techniques and breathing. No excuses not to practice at home now too 😜.

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