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New Season, New Facials! ...

It is a question I often get asked ‘what is your favourite treatment?’- I am blessed to have a job that I love and my answer is all of them! But I do have to say, facials have a special place in my heart!

Not only is the experience of having one relaxing, refreshing and renewing, you look great afterwards too with dewy, glowy skin!

So continuing my passion for great face massage, organic skin care and an holistic approach to anti-aging,

I am super excited to launch the below three new facial experiences to my facial offerings 😊...

Signature 'Lift'Face Massage 25 min 35€ Using a blend of techniques honed over 15 years industry experience with all the top skin brands, combined with ancient Chinese techniques and skin tools, I have created my own signature face lift massage, using my signature ‘Luna’ oil. The oil contains a potent mix of organic antioxidant plant oils for rejuvenation.

Face massage has a huge list of benefits to the skin such as relaxing ‘stressed’ features, lifting and plumping sagging areas, promoting a fresh circulation and removing toxins from the tissues more effectively, leaving the complexion more toned and brighter. Also a perfect compliment to add to another body treatment.

Crystal Facial 55 min 60 € A holistic skin and soul brightening treatment, including a gemstone fruit enzyme peel exfoliator and crystal face massage. Crystals have many skincare benefits such as healing, purifying, restoring and detoxing of the tissues. Natural active botanical products will be used as well as aura balancing tuning forks.

Ultimate Holistic Facial 1 hr 25 min 90 € A complete holistic treat for radiance boosting and anti-aging... The skin will be treated to a natural fruit enzyme peel, then fed with a cocktail of botanical anti-aging products, alongside a lymphatic drainage and face lifting massage. Your treatment will include cosmetic acupuncture to help to relax facial features and stimulate circulation and collagen. Includes Prescriptive reflexology session during the acupuncture, to work in synergy to rebalance the body.

looking forward to many fab skincare moments in Mallorca this season! 😊

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