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Treatment re-launch! ...

Many moons ago I trained in the art of Ayurvedic Indian head massage and it was super popular with my clients at the time. Fast forward 15 years later and after years of working for spas and clinics which didn't include it on the treatment list, this yummy treatment is back!

Spending time with the brilliant therapists in India and receiving the treatment regularly on the trip, my love and knowledge of Indian head massage has been revived, you could say the head massage stimulated my brain to bring it back!

A very traditional healthcare practice, passed on for generations, Indian Head massage which is usually done seated, concentrates on the head, next and shoulders, getting to all those tight spots. We focus also on the three higher chakras, to bring the energy of the body back into balance.

The techniques used help to stimulate healthy hair growth, by stimulating oxygen and nourishment to the follicles, plus relieving stress and anxiety, bringing clarification to the mind. You know that amazing 5 minutes you get at the hairdressers when they massage in your shampoo, well imagine 25 minutes of that plus extra massage on your neck and shoulders, bliss!! I'll be using only the best organic coconut oil too, so don't forget about all that added skin and hair nourishment, perfect after too much sea and swimming pool in the summertime too! Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage 25 mins 35€ Too Tip 👍... add to a 25 mins Reflexology treatment for a complete treat!

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