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Sacred Sandalwood!...

When traveling around India you defiantly get used to the scents of sandalwood burning, especially in temples, it's an amazing aromatic treat!... Known as 'wooden gold' to Indians, southern India is where most of the trees grow and for centuries it has been one of the most sought after goods from the area.

In Ayurvedic healing sandalwood (Chandana) oil, collected from the center of the trunk is used to calm and cool the body and mind, help no to balance the central nervous system, helpful for stress, tension and relaxation as well as having an anti aging effect on the skin due to its anti- inflammatory and antioxidant properties. As an oil the texture is quite different from other essential oils as it is thick and rich, the almost sticky consistency means its comes out of the bottle very slowly, the smell is earthy and woody, making it perfect for men and woman alike.

I'm a massive fan, so to get to the true 'roots' of where it grows was a huge treat! You'll find it pops up in many if my organic blends used in treatments, such as my ultimate chill body oil and beauty sleep facial oil 🙂.

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