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Self sinus massage ...

It is pretty common at this time of the year that I find many people have problems of sinus congestion after a cold or flu, although I do find it is also an ongoing issue for many, especially those with tiny sinus cavities or a history of sinus problems.

In treatments I combine massage and Craniosacral techniques for best effect, although there is also a self massage that can really help you.... I find a good time to do this is after you have applied your moisturiser, night oil or balm, for a bit of glide, but could also be possible on dry skin too.

Another tip is to ensure your nails are short as it works best to use the top pads of your thumbs and fingertips.

Heres a step by step guide on how to self massage your sinus´ (diagram above to help, hope you like it ;)! )

1. Start by finding your sphenoid sinus with the tips of your thumbs, which is just under the inner corners of your eyebrows, you'll find the ridge of your brow bone and just under here do 6 press and release with moderate pressure.

2. Follow the under ridge of the brow bone doing 6 press and release all the way along until you reach the temples, use a lighter press and release pressure here.

3. Come back to your start point in the inner corners of the brow bone and this time press and release down each side of the nose until you reach the ridge of the cheekbone.

4. Now press and release outwards just under the cheekbone, again 6 times on each spot working along until you reach the temples.

5. Come back to the inner eybrows, work down the nose until you reach the front of the cheekbones and this time do the same, working outwards on the front of the bone. ( if you are particularly congested this may feel sensitive, but should also feel soothing too )

6. Now come to your third eye ( the space between your eyebrows on your forehead) and using the pads of your thumbs continue with a press, release technique all the way out to the temples.

7. Do four or five more lines of press, release on the forehead, working up towards the hairline, again this should feel soothing.

8. If product allows for glide on the skin, take the finger tips and use gliding/ draining movements from the sides of the nose working out to temples and from the third eye and middle of the forehead working out towards the temples. If you have essential oil of eucalyptus take three deep inhalations and voila, you're all done, hope you have happier sinus'!

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