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New Year’s Eve in Deia 😀...

It's been a couple of years now that we haven't been on the island during 'Noche vieja', so I am super excited to be here this year to join in on the celebrations . . .

My favourite thing to do is have a lovely meal in the evening and then head to the church on the hill in the centre of the village to watch the fab fireworks and gobble our grapes. In Spain it's the tradition to eat 12 grapes ‪at midnight‬, one for each stroke of the bell, famous for providing you with good luck for the year ahead. I've learnt the hard way to buy the seedless and most smallest grapes possible, otherwise you end up looking like a hamster stuffing them all in at once, washing them down with more grapes in the form of cava ; ).

The fireworks look so pretty lighting up all the valley around Deia, then it's time to truly celebrate the new year.... The village always puts on a fun party in the centre of the village with live music and Sa Fonda has brilliant live DJ sets to dance the night away, so you can flit between the two all night, it's a lot of fun! I love that it's an occasion to bring all the locals together, all ages, it really is a case of till the last man's standing too, so really an excuse to let your hair down and party all night.

Feliz año nuevo y nos vemos allí (See you there!) ...

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