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‘Emotional Skincare'

With people's lifestyles becoming more and more busy and stressed, poor sleep patterns and anxiety being a big concern amongst my clients I am finding a great advantage of 'emotional skincare.'

Emotional Skincare is tapping into that mind, body balance so meaning using products with key ingredients of aromatherapy, the essential oils are having so much more than just a physical benefit to the skin.

A massive example of that for me is if I know someone has been having difficulty sleeping I will recommend they massage either the Botanicals Gentle face oil or soothing salve (if their skin is on the dry side) into their skin at night-time. These both contain a ton of lavender and chamomile which work in synergy together to help you to relax and help you to fall asleep quicker and sleep better.

Another lovely example of this is to help women regulate hormones at certain times of the month, I recommend the Botanicals nourish night-time balm on the skin at night, the combination of rose and geranium are famous for supporting hormonal health and balance. For me it makes so much sense to get that dual effect from skincare and let it work that much deeper to help us to heal and support with our daily needs, and if we can do this while we sleep, bonus!

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