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I've been with my study hat on again!...

As most of you know I choose to do my Pilates training with Body Control in London, as I love their professionalism and expertise.

Once you do your initial teacher training with them, your learning never ends! Like many professions, Body Control works with a system of continuing your knowledge with CPD points, which means Continuing Professional development points. Meaning Annually you undertake specialist courses to do this.

This week I have had the (physically challenging 😅) pleasure of studying further intermediate exercises, to add that extra challenge and continuing learning for both myself and my clients.

I love, love , love the classical Pilates exercises, which Joseph Pilates created for professional Dancers and athletes so for the 'normal' body this takes time and experience to build up to, being both challenging (and quite addictive!). So this has been such a worthwhile course for me to learn how to teach these techniques to get my clients safely and effectively on their way there and I cannot wait to share it with you all! .... Find out more about my Body Control Pilates clases here -

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