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Eat The Rainbow!...

I have always enjoyed eating colourful food, there's nothing I love more than seeing a mishmash of bright vegetables on a plate, so when I learnt a bit more about the Korean and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) diet of 5 element eating it all made sense! ...

The philosophy behind 5 element cooking is the importance of balance to remain healthy - to bring the body into correct balance the traditional theory is of the 'Ying Yang', representing the 'perfect balance'.

You can achieve this balance by introducing all 5 elements to your diet which are each represented by a colour and a taste... Different colour foods are also said to be best for different organs in TCM, some examples are;

Red, element Fire, is good for the Heart.

Green, element Wood, is good for the Liver.

Yellow, element Earth, is good for the Spleen.

White, element Metal, is good for the Lungs.

Black, element Water, is good for the Kidneys.

So not only tasty and pretty to look at, rainbow on a plate really does have benefits for all the organs too! I always ensure my rainbow ingredients are organic when possible, to get the maximum nutritional benefits.

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