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Amazing coffee has landed in Mallorca...

mobile coffee in Mallorca

Coming From Italian roots and growing up in South America, Eduardo has created ´Cafe Social´with a passion and enthusiasm for great coffee, that only a good coffee connoisseur can.

From an early age (he thinks its 5 years old!?) Eduardo would drink coffee with his mum and sisters while chatting about their day at school and remembers the comforting feeling of having a great social cup.

Having lived in London and travelled around Australia, Eduardo was introduced to the coffee culture of professional Baristas and specialist coffee, that has been ethically grown.

It is such a great part of the day to have a cup of coffee that is served to perfection, all the elements mastered from the temperature of the milk to the quality of the grinder. He truly believes that a good coffee creates a positive start to your day and a bad one, well not such a great start! It is with this in mind that he has exclusively launched ´Cafe Social´ in Mallorca. Providing the Island with their great start to the day...

Find Eduardo every Wednesday morning in the Mercado of Deia and other events throughout the Island, you can also buy the gourmet blends he stocks to create the great taste at home.

Check for more location info.

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