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Tips on Bridal Beauty Treatments and prep....

beauty treatments for brides by sarah santa cruz in mallorca

Every bride wishes to look her best on her big day and with so many things to prepare and organise, having someone to put together a schedule for your Beauty treatments can be a big help...

From 6 months before your wedding I recommend that you start to have monthly facials. this will give plenty of time to rebalance, calm and nuture the skin.

This is also a good time to start Pilates if your not already, in vanity terms this will give you the perfect posture for your walk down the aisle moment and to compliment your pretty dress, also particularly useful for toning the upper arms too. In wellness terms this will help you to feel calm, relaxed, increasing oxygen, easing stress and helping for a good nights sleep.

From 3 months is a good time to start having manicures if your not already, ideally every two weeks, or monthly. This will ensure the new nail growing will be as healthy as possible. Also start using a nail oil at nightime, to nourish the skin around the nails. From this time too start to body brush especially arms back and chest if these areas are on show and moisturise the body daily.

Five days before the wedding would be a good time for any eyelash tinting, eyebrow tinting or shaping to be done, (just make sure you have a tint test at least 24 hrs beforehand).

Two days before your big day I recommend that you and your Husband to be have a relaxing massage or reflexology, it is going to help you to relax and have a some good old beauty sleep, through all the excitement. If you can incorporate some facial massage in, even better, get that circulation going for your glowing skin.

The day before your wedding is a great time to have a full body exfoliation and full manicure/pedicure, have gel polish if your worried about chipping. This is a lovely thing to have with your Mum or Bridesmaids to make a girly spa day! I also highly recommend a massage based facial on this day (not a deep cleansing one). I have treated many of my brides to my signature facial the day before and it has always made a massive difference in their complexions on the day, not only does their make up go on smoothly, but thier skin looks as dewy and fresh as possible.

Now go enjoy your big day and I´ll see you a few days after for some restorative reflexology on those achy partied out feet! ...

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