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Why I look for the seal of the Soil Association...

soil association seal of approval in my facials by sarah santa cruz mallorca

Why I look for the seal of Soil association on skincare products?... If you buy organic food to feed the body well from the inside, skincare can equally have the same effect from the outside in.

Your skin is your largest organ in your body so it's always wise to be mindful at what you're putting onto it as it can easily be absorbed into the body.

To be able to state organic on a skincare label the laws in the UK and EU are such at the moment that it only needs to be a small amount. For instance a cream can have 5% organic ingredients and the rest non-organic and can be marketed as an organic product.

It's a bit confusing and misleading, but luckily we have the Soil Association in the UK, which awards certification to products which they have inspected to ensure they meet the correct standards. To obtain the certification the product needs to contain ingredients that are at least 95% organic, it's brilliant to be able to pick a product up and know that it really is as pure as you would like it to be!

So not only can you properly avoid any nasty chemicals or toxins, you'll also get a more powerful product as the essential oils and plant extracts will be in their purest form. Exactly the reason why I choose to use Botanicals organic products in my treatments as there are only a small number of companies in Europe that are licensed by the Soil Association.

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