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Summertime in Mallorca, uh oh sunburn ...

sunburn solution when on holiday in Mallorca

It is one of those things we all think will never happen to us as we slather on spf 50, but sunburn can happen to the best of us. I am the classic example to the point to obsessive with not getting burnt, partly due to my pasty English skin and the other part due to the nature of my work, knowing that bit too much about what damage it does to our skin.

However the other day while swimming in the sea I managed to turn my shoulders a nice lobster pink, feeling gutted with myself that night I slathered on the Botanicals lavender and chamomile soothing balm. The balm has jojoba, apricot oil and Shea butter to hydrate the skin and essential oils of lavender to heal, marigold to soothe and calming chamomile.

I am super impressed, I can tell you first hand this stuff actually works! So now I carry a pot around with me, as most days the occasion arises for me to whip out my emergency sunburn cream for my clients- I think everyone needs one of these to get us through August in Mallorca!

I also use this product in my Reflexology treatment as the essential oils have a relaxing effect on the body and all of its systems, leaves the feet lovely and soft too.

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