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New Spa Wellness Trends...

I keep seeing posts on social media of people lying in beautiful spas with, what looks like drips in their arms, thankfully they are not unwell, they are receiving IV vitamin Therapy.

The Intravenous drips deliver vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly into the blood stream for maximum absorption, allowing the body to nourish itself at a cellular level, these are larger doses that orally the body would not be able to tolerate.

Apparently the drips are especially popular when you are jet lagged, after big sports events such as a marathon or hungover as they rehydrate immediately replenishing electrolytes.

As a beauty treatment the I.V drip is used to give the skin an extra glow, due to the extra boost of nutrients to the skin cells. Not sure if this will be a trend that will stay around or just something to amuse the celebs on social media, but interesting to see how popular it is and how it works.

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