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Mmmmmm Watermelon Water...

The new wellness trend this summer is watermelon water, it makes a beautiful bright pink and refreshing drink.

Watermelons are 96 % water so obviously a good way of hydrating the body and a tasty alternative to water.

They have also been found to contain an amino acid which helps to stimulate the production of nitric oxide, which helps regulate blood pressure and enhances blood flow. There is double the amount of potassium of a banana, which helps the function of all of your organs and plenty of lycopene, which is an Antioxidant, making it the perfect anti aging skin juice!

Making it at home is easy, just make sure you remove all of the seeds and use a blender, juicer or Nutribullet to pulverise it, add a squeeze of lime juice to add an extra zest, then serve with ice....add vodka for an optional naughty addition 😜

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