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Llucalcari mud...

Organic Spa body treatment at Llucalcari

Did you know that if you go to LLucalcari beach, (the beach of the tiny village of LLucalcari just on the outskirts of Deia in the direction Soller), you can treat your body to a organic mineral mud treatment?!..

Look out for the fresh water stream to the back area of the beach and you'll notice a red coloured mud all around the stream. The mud has a creamy consistency which means you can slather it all over your body, including your face and then lay down on one of the nearby rocks, to let it dry and do its magic.

Make sure you leave it on the skin for at least 20-30 minutes, then the best bit is diving into the crystal waters to rinse it all off!

Some of the benefits of marine mud include the detoxing effect as it increases circulation, carrying away toxins and wastes, easing muscle aches due to its high magnesium content, the phosphates and sodium help to hydrate and reduce inflammation and much, much more.

Don't forget LLucalcari is a naturist beach so clothing is optional...

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