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Do you have sleep wrinkles?!...

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One question I increasingly get asked is how do I prevent sleep wrinkles?!... For many it's a common action to sleep more on one side, for 8 hours at a time if we're lucky, as we rest on the side of the face, the constant pressure creates a breakdown in collagen eventually leading to visible lines.

The obvious answer would be to sleep on your back. But for many it's really tricky to 'reprogram' the sleeping position, the other tip I give clients is to invest in a new pillow. Nowadays there are special anti-age pillows on the market which are designed to reduce the facial pressure, also investing in a silk pillowcase helps as these are 'smoother'.

Also I recommend using an anti-aging facial oil on your skin before bedtime to help to replenish the skin's collagen and 'plumpness' naturally with fatty acids.

If you would like to treat 'sleep wrinkles' I find my cosmetic acupuncture particularly effective for this as the acupuncture helps to promote collagen in the area of concern and lifts and plumps the skin, particularly effective in those pesky marionette lines!

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