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Amber facial roller, what does it bring to my facials? ...

I use the facial rollers as a compliment to massage during facials as they help to aid lymphatic drainage, reduces puffiness, especially under the eye area, increase circulation and also has a toning effect to the skin. The Chinese have been facial rolling with gemstones for years and although their good genes have a lot to say for it I do think their skin ages incredibly well!

The added bonus of using the Amber roller is that as a gemstone it has great healing properties helping to relieve stress and release negative emotions. The stone also has natural anti inflammatory properties to the skin, reducing irritation and redness. In fact amber is so great for calming inflammation, babies often wear amber necklaces to ease inflammation during teething!

You can try Amber rolling at home over your moisturiser or facial oil, working in an outward direction over the face towards the lymph nodes, also a great tip is to keep the roller in the fridge, I keep mine on ice for clients to get that extra boost of circulation and toning.

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