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Waxing- quality not quantity!

Over the years I have been filled with scary waxing stories from clients, experiences that make me glad that it didn´t put them off for life and that they felt brave enough to give it another go!

My moto when waxing is´quality not quantity`, in this way I mean that I allow that extra few minutes to ensure the experience is as pain free as possible to the client.

If you´ve had waxing done before you´ll know that the, lifting off of the strip or hot wax needs to be brisk. However there are certain areas, especially those more delicate areas, where the contours of the skin change a lot as does the direction of the hair growth. These areas broken down into sections and treated accordingly will give you a much more effective hair removal and comfortable experience, this may take an extra few minutes, but it is well worth it!

I am always happy when clients comment on how gentle their waxing experience was at the end of the treatment, some lucky people even seem to find a leg wax relaxing, lucky them I say! But if we can make something like hair removal that little bit more pleasurable then why not!

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