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Some New Wellness Trends...

Beauty and wellness advice by beauty therapist in mallorca

I am always excited to see what's going on in the Beauty and wellness world. Here are a few new trends I have found out about...

Mobile spa beauty trucks Actually I think this was my idea, having been a mobile therapist for the last few years I do often wonder if having a cool truck and setting up shop inside it would be a great way of transporting all my tools of the trade in one go! It seems someone also has got there before me, yes mobile spa beauty trucks have arrived.

Especially in the USA mobile Beauty trucks are a big new trend, this is working especially well for skincare product brands where the truck can 'set up shop' wherever they like and enable clients to' try before they buy', the vintage trucks are my particular favourite, let's see how long it takes for the trend to come over to Europe!

Washing your face with carbonated water ... I was really intrigued recently to find out that Japanese facialist's have started to use carbonated water to cleanse the skin with. Always at the forefront of skin tricks the Japanese have found that dabbing cotton pads soaked in carbonated water on the skin will help to wash out the pores. The bubbles are also said to improve the circulation which will in turn increase the oxygen and nutrients being delivered to the skin, creating a more brighter healthier complexion.

Hmmmm I wonder if Cava would have the same effect!...

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