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Reiki, what's it all about?..,

reiki holistic body therapies with sarah santa cruz in Mallorca

One of the questions I am asked regularly is what is Reiki and what does a Reiki treatment entail...I completely understand that first timers to the treatment may find it a little different from some of the other wellbeing treatments they may have had in the past and may even be a bit sceptical of how it works.

I find the best way of explaining Reiki is to understand that it is a treatment that will help to initiate your body's own healing, balancing and releasing.

Scientifically put, our own bodies have an electromagnetic field of energy that surrounds our body, a vibration resonates from our bodies, our 'aura'.

Reiki which was developed by a Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui in 1922, channels the universal energy and when you receive a treatment your body's energy receives a 'Spring cleaning'.

Any areas of the body that may have unbalanced energy or 'vibrations' may be an example of stress, pain, or emotional blockages and can be positively helped with Reiki.

The treatment itself feels relaxing and soothing and is a light touch placing of hands on various 'energy centres' or 'chakras' of the body, energy will flow from the practitioner's hands into the client and you may feel warmth, or tingling and normally deep relaxation, it's also quite usual that I may be working in one area and the client feels the hands are on a completely different area!

I like to always think of touch as being the most therapeutic thing of all and for me the touch of Reiki is just that, after all it's human nature that we place our hands on each other when we want to sooth, calm or reassure, to me that is the essence of a Reiki treatment, the healing power of touch, and to be still.

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