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How do crystals work?

Crystal healing facial in Mallorca

Crystal healing is a practise that can be traced right back to the ancient Egyptians, including using them in their 'magic formulas'.

In recent years the practise of using them for their healing powers has become more popular, but how does it work?...

The science bit- Our entire body system is energy, the cells in the human body vibrate at certain frequencies, these vibrations vary at different areas of the body- the energy stations are also known as chakras.

Crystals have vibrational properties and have a very high rate of vibration. When a corresponding crystal is placed on a chakra/ energy centre, it will act to draw out negative energies, allow healing energies to flow and rebalance. You will notice that the colour of the crystal will correspond with the chakra where it is placed, each colour reflects the type of frequency or vibration radiating through the chakras.

There are over 200 healing crystals each with many different properties from easing anxiety to insomnia.

These can also be used as jewellery or around the home for their benefits, I have a big quartz cluster in my living room which helps to cleanse the environment! To find out more the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall is a fantastic reference book.

Try one of my Signature facials or Signature body treatments, in which I often introduce a little crystal therapy, so you can try it out for yourself!

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