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How to achieve fresh, glowing  'no make up' skin...

Everyone wants to achieve that dewy skin look, without piles of make up for that fresh spring look, so how do we achieve it?... 

One of the most important things to do is exfoliate at least twice a week, this will help remove the dead skin cells that dull and congest, instantly freshening the complexion.

Then for your morning routine firstly gently cleanse the skin, followed by a hydrating mist to add an extra layer of water to the skin to rehydrate. With the skin still damp from the mist spray using your fingertips gently 'piano tap' in quick tapping motions all over the face for a couple of minutes, this will instantly stimulate with circulation and have a toning effect. 

Next apply a serum to the skin, this time with the fingertips, start from the middle of the face and work outwards from the chin to the forehead, using press and release movements, this will help increase lymph drainage, brightening and de-puffing. 

After the serum apply your day moisturiser massaging the skin as you go for that extra bit of stimulation to the skin. 

Lastly take your eye cream around the eyes using the light tapping technique as explained earlier. A useful tip I find is to take the eye cream, which tends to be a bit richer right to and just over the top of the cheekbone, this will add an extra natural highlighter to this area and give your face a natural dewy lift, finish with a dab of lip balm and go show off your glowy, happy skin!  

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