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  • Sarah Santa Cruz

Best investment ever!...a spiky ball...

Yes it does actually feel nice! I am on a mission at the moment, to spread the work of the spiky ball...A spiky ball is a great way of self treating and to massage areas of tension yourself. I find them particularly effective for feet, great for helping alignment and easing, plantar fasciitis, you can use your own weight to get as much resistance as you wish. They are especially good to work on specific reflexology points and are an amazing way to relax the entire body. 

Stand without shoes, legs hip distance apart and parallel, check in with your body and see how your feet feel and your whole body, notice any areas of tension. 

Take the ball under the ball of one foot and transfer your weight onto the ball and release, take the ball to the middle of the foot and repeat, then to the heel, take the ball back to the ball of the foot and repeat this routine four times. 

Now roll the ball from the top of the foot to the bottom four times, if you find any areas that feel tighter or just feel good concentrate on those areas.

Remove the ball and check in with your body, notice the difference between the two sides. Now repeat the entire routine on the other foot. When you remove the ball from the second foot see how your feet and entire body feel. 

You should really notice a difference, the spiky ball is especially good at easing stomach issues by massaging the instep of the foot and tight shoulders by massaging the ball of the foot. It's quite addictive, try it and see!  

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