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Dewy skin for spring, yes please! ...

My favourite way for the skin to look is 'dewy'-it's a way to look healthy and glowy, too matte and the skin can look 'flat', too shiny can leave the skin looking oily. My perfect tip for this is the Botanicals Radiance serum.

I love this product as it's even light enough to use in the humidity in Mallorca in the summer and perks up the skin when you need it. One of the main ingredients is avocado oil which is known as nature's 'botox' as studies have shown than avocado increases the amount of collagen in the skin and helps to reduce premature aging. There's also a cocktail of plant based oils which are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and have an antioxidant effect on the skin

It's become my favourite product, I love the fact that it delivers and is also working in a preventative way too, bonus!  

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