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A little bit about cosmetic Acupuncture facials...

Understandably when I first mention facial and acupuncture together some clients are a little apprehensive. But after one session the results are surprisingly effective and the sensation of the increased circulation and 'Qi' or energy, is almost addictive!

The relatively painless insertion of very fine needles to specific points over the face can increase collagen production, helping to plump the skin and ease fine lines. Application of the needles will also aid in toning and lifting sagging skin such as jowls and droopy eyelids.

Due to the increased circulation and lymph the skin instantly appears fresher and brighter.

One of the other major benefits is how It helps to relax facial features, which can ease signs of stress and 'life' we often wear on our faces- I find it particularly effective on the worry lines between the eyebrows. No wonder it's often known as the 'natural alternative to Botox'!

A fresher complexion will be noticed after just one treatment, however much like going to the gym for more noticeable and long term benefits a course is recomended.

I generally find a course of between 6-10 sessions, having two a week to be especially effective, then once every 4-6 weeks thereafter as maintenance.

I treated a lovely bride a few months ago that had 6 sessions before her big day, when I saw her two days later, she hugged me and said that I had helped to make her feel amazing on her special day, telling me the biggest compliments she got on the day were all about her skin and how radiant, glowy and relaxed she looked- that's the best result I could ask for and why I love my job so much!

(I am delighted to offer your 6th facial complimentary when you book 5 cosmetic acupuncture facials, contact me for more details).

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