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New Year Body Brushing resolutions! A Skincare and wellness essential ...

Never underestimate the power of body brushing!

As the new year begins we look for ways to improve our health, wellbeing and beauty regime. . . In January the skin can tend to be drier due to central heating, we can suffer with poor circulation in cold weather and general overall feeling of sluggishness from Christmas over indulgences.

My recommendation to help with this is to dry body brush daily. . .

The best way to introduce this into your daily routine is to do it just before you shower, on dry skin, with a body brush with fairly strong bristles - I particularly like the ones from the Body Shop and Aromatherapy Associates.

Starting from your feet working upwards towards the heart use short brisk stokes, also for women it's worth spending an extra few moments concentrating around the thighs an area famous for becoming sluggish. Make sure you also brush the arms and décolleté area (upper chest area), around this area we have many lymph nodes so this will be particularly helpful in aiding sluggish lymphatic drainage.

After a few weeks of doing this everyday the texture, tone and colour of your skin will be improved, also with a general overall enhanced feeling of wellbeing, just what we need on a dark, cold morning to give us a boost!

Try one of my Brightening body scrub treatments if you wish to give your skin and body an extra boost, in which I also include full body dry brushing. 

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