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Pilates Classes in Mallorca!

I am delighted to exclusively bring Body Control Pilates classes to Mallorca!

Many of my clients know I have adored the Body Control Pilates method for many years, so to be the first teacher to bring it to Mallorca is a dream come true!

Body Control is the world's leading education provider for Pilates and works with a strict code of practice governing teaching standards.

The method takes Joseph Pilates classical exercises which were designed for professional ballet dancers and adapts them for an average person with an average body.

The Result is to improve alignment, movement patterns, muscular tensions, stress, breathing, joint mobility, circulation, toning and shaping- the list of benefits are endless!

One of the major benefits is also in solving back problems- in which 95% of the population suffer from. So much so that the system has been medically aproved and many Physios, Osteopaths and Chiroprators refer clients to Body Control Pilates teachers.

It really does create a 'harmony between mind and muscle'.

We are all responsible for our own bodies and for me Pilates really is a way to make the body feel stronger, leaner and pain free, with great posture, a stronger core and sense of length in the spine... and all this is achieved by your own input, with guidance from me, in an enjoyable and rewarding way!

For more information on one to one, two to one or group classes please contact me on

-Body Control Pilates is a registered trademark used under license.

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